The Stitch House Team
picture by marie zemler wu
Annissa Essaibi George is the owner of Stitch House. At age 6 her mom stayed up late teaching her to sew her first project - a Barbie skirt! She never stopped sewing and you would find her late at night, throughout high school and college, sewing. As a teenager she was national finalist in a McCall’s Pattern Company sewing contest. In college her and her roommate would create an assembly line and sew hair scrunchies to sell in the dorms to fund take-out dinner or a night on the town. After college Annissa had a small line of custom, special occasion children’s clothing featured in several retail shops. Annissa made her own prom dress, wedding gown and all her bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses. She’s also made countless quilts and hand-crafted gifts for her friends and family. Although sewing is her passion she enjoys the portability of knitting and crocheting and always has several projects going at once. Annissa is a teacher at East Boston High School and mom to 4 great boys Douglas, Charlie, Kayden and Samir. Annissa and her husband Doug are both life-long residents of Dorchester. 

Claire Bassham loves everything to do with fiber. She wonders at the size of her stash! The product of a needle-pointing Grandma and knitting mother combined to produce a girl with a penchant for all things yarn. Knitting, weaving, spinning, dyeing, and sewing. Claire especially likes teaching the next generation to knit and weave in her pre-teen classes. With degrees in Art History, Craft, and Interior Design, Claire’s main focus is color. She loves to find the perfect yarn for a project! Learning to spin her own yarn, Claire is fascinated by hand dyed colors and carding fiber to create new textures and colors. 

Jennifer Cox

Jeanne Dasaro The women in Jeanne's family began passing down their skills when Jeanne was around 10. First, she learned to sew. Shortly thereafter her Aunt taught her to crochet. It wasn't until college, that she learned to knit. These days she isn't much of a knitter, but instead focuses on crochet and sewing projects that incorporate recycled or reclaimed materials. Jeanne loves all things colorful and creative. Check out her blog at

You can catch her at Stitch House most Sundays. 

Michelle Dobson learned to knit in January of 2014. After moving to Quincy from Arkansas, she signed up for a the Knit 101 class here at Stitch House and jumped in with both feet. She loves learning new skills; she has tried color work, cables, and lace. Though she has enjoyed all of these techniques, socks have been her most consistent project choice — she loves their portability. She is looking forward to her next knitting challenge and busily filling her apartment with gorgeous yarn! 

Bill Dristas' very ingenious mother and babysitter taught him to knit when he was young to keep him quiet and concentrated on something! He kept knitting off and on over the years, but recently picked it up again after being laid off from his job and found plenty of time on his hands. Bill likes some sort of challenge when he knits — like interesting stitches or a unique pattern. Lucky for his pregnant friends, he also likes to knit baby items because they finish up quickly. Bill has also promised that the next time he makes a sweater for himself it won't take two years to complete! 

Shelley Leahy has been knitting and sewing since childhood. Taught by her grandmother, she also has a love affair with buttons. Many times the buttons are chosen first and the yarn or fabric will follow. Her motto is it's all about the buttons.

A former owner of a quilting shop, Shelley now spends just about all her creative hours knitting. She is the organizer of Sheep Ahoy Knitters' Cruise. Shelley is an active member in the Greater Boston Knitting Guild and the MetroWest Knitting Guild. Aside from knitting for her 6 grandchildren, she loves to knit for charity. This years items went to Homemade for the Homeless in Boston.

She's your "gal Friday" at the Stitch House. 

Claudia Sorsby learned how to knit when she was six, but it really became part of her life in college, when she started knitting graduation sweaters for her friends.

Ravelry later added fuel to the fire, providing a new world of designs and connections to other knitters. A serious sweater  knitter with a strong interest in fit, she is interested in both new and  historical techniques, including cables, lace, color work, and combinations  of all of the above. 

Cassidy Spiess has been knitting since she was about 10 years old and sewing for even longer. Her major in college was Costume Design and she also took a lot of fiber arts classes. These days she works in the shop, as a travel agent, as a massage therapist, and even dabbles in making costumes for television and movies. She loves a challenge and figuring out how to tackle problems; from all her background in fiber arts she really understands the construction of knitted fabrics. She's also a sewer with a lot of experience and loves teaching the sewing 101 classes!

Amy Lou Stein is a wife, mama & maker of all things. She lives with her husband, Finnian Moore Gerety, musician and scholar, her two kids Addie & Cosmo, and a crazy little mutt named Nila Kitty.
Amy's nomadic life has led her down so many different creative paths: She loves crochet but she also knits, machine sews, draws, dyes (especially natural dyes), block prints & stamp carves, hand stitches, embroiders...if it's crafty Amy LOVES IT... She even use to dress Rock n Roll bands! 

Kathleen Sweeney comes from a family of makers. Her dad and two of her brothers make furniture and carve, and her mom taught her and her sister to knit, crochet, and sew in the mid-seventies when lurid acrylic was king. Kathleen has experimented with embroidery, cross stitch, needle and wet felting, Sculpey, and mixed media collage. Her first love remains knitting; her stash threatens to take over her small apartment in Medford and she likes nothing more than trying new techniques and starting new projects. She lives in Medford Square with the cutest kitty in the whole wide world, Riley. 

Jeannie the Greyhound isn't much of a knitter. She is, however very supportive of each and every crafter that visits Stitch House. 

She can be found lounging on her gorgeous Amy Butler dog bed most weekdays, moving only when someone tells her to get up and go outside.